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Mons Simplicitatis


[Here’s one from the vaults, dating back to 2007, so the names are somewhat dated, plus some minor edits. The backstory is that year all Illinois state employees were required to take an online ethics test. This still occurs, though I have no idea what the specific format of the exam currently is.] Read More 
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Heavens to Betsy, there’s nothing like a good academic tussle. Tempest in a teacup and all that. The Naomi Wolf/Harold Bloom thing was halfway engaging, albeit notably uncomfortable and one-sided; like one of those fights at the bar where some roidhead jumps a guy half his size for chatting up his girlfriend. The all-time best academic tussle I’m familiar with, though, was DeConick versus the National Geographic team studying the Gospel of Judas. That was 2007-8. Here’s the blow-by-blow. Read More 
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I get asked this sometimes (particularly by folks out of the military and using that sweet MGI Bill). Derivations of this inquiry include, “You write books? Okay, so why are my English profs so hostile/accusatory/obsessed with being aggrieved victims?”, “Why does my lit teacher always harp on sexism while staring at me like that? He doesn’t even know me.” Perhaps you even landed here after Googling up something exactly like that title phrase-- in which case, ol C-Dawgg is glad to be here for you. What the hell, today’s a good day to burn a few bridges.  Read More 
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