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Mons Simplicitatis


It has come to the author’s attention that the drug Tsus depicted in Tea of Ulaanbaatar is currently being listed on the Fictional Drugs in Non-Science Fiction Works page of a certain online encyclopedia site. This supposition, which a quick Google search revealed is supported by several other Web sources, is incorrect. Whereas Tea is a novel, that is to say a fictional work, the Mongol Tsus is not, and the record should be set straight in this regard. Read More 
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The Skunk Works – Lockheed’s codename for their secretive advanced development group – is cool, cooler than you or me. Well, it’s definitely cooler than me. It’s probably cooler than you. I mean no insult by this, I’m just saying it’s an odds thing. Super cool things were and are being designed and built at the Skunk Works, things that go stealthily and very fast, and this just needs to be recognized, immortalized on the Web ether.  Read More 
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